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spare parts  original or in our tested quality
wearing parts Lasag Flashlamps and ptotection glasses available from stock
repair service  for all Lasag Laser modules exchange modules available also for the KLS FLS ans SLS series
service, repair training   all Lasag laser on site worldwide
20 years experience with the Lasag solid-state laser we are your partner for technical solutions
sale and rental  of used Lasag laser
LASERXPERTS Pty Ltd Murwillumbah NSW 2484 Australia
our service partner for Asia
our service partner for USA
INLASE LLC CA 95005 Ben Lomond USA
Rekolas GmbH Industriestrasse 1 CH-3600 Thun T +41 (0)33 221 89 81 F +41 (0)33 221 89 82
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we sale IPG Fiber Laser fully integrated or as a seperate equipment
laser service        laser service